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London based photographer, Henry Woide specialises in architectural photography. He produces bold, graphic images that break down architecture to its core values. 

Henry’s interest for architecture stems from how people coincide with their surroundings. Using this relation, he aims to capture atmospheric images that reflect his client’s creativity and values both powerfully and persuasively.

Seeking out the unusual, Henry photographs uncommon structures around the world. He is drawn to contemporary installations and structures by artists, designers and architects alike. 

Henry has been fortunate enough to be commissioned on architectural projects throughout London and Europe. He has been published in Conde Nast, National Geographic and The Times. His stock imagery library is also represented by Arcaid Images for editorial use. 

Selected Clients : The Very Many | Kennedy Twaddle Architects | The Furniture Practice | Spacelab | Cormack Advertising | Orms | NTT Urban Development | Cre8te | Airbnb Luxury | Imaginary forces | Oracle Creative | Kuoni | CV Villas | Hostmaker