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studio@henrywoide.co.uk | +44 7800 930 465

Henry Woide is a London-based professional architectural photographer. 

He is drawn to the contemporary, whether architectural structures, artist installations, or cutting-edge designs. His bold, graphic images show the underlying concept of these works, and how interaction with the public can change a project—for both the creator and the visitor.

His work puts the viewer first by streamlining the subject, resulting in simple yet compelling images. Taking a documentary approach to the structure, his photographs are an exploration of real-life settings. They reflect a perfect, fleeting moment, as experienced by people themselves. 

Henry has been commissioned on projects throughout London and Europe.

Selected clients: Kennedy Twaddle Architects | The Furniture Practice | Spacelab | Heyne Tillet Steel | Unispace | Orms | The Very Many | Superflex 

Selected publications: Wallpaper, Dwell, New London Architecture, Offentlighedens Rum, Conde Nast Traveller, National Geographic, The Times