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Industrialisation that once shaped the landscape of Dartmoor National Park is in turn, being shaped by the moor itself. Degrading structures, taking on obsolete forms not fit for their original purpose but almost natural in their appearance, they now appear as if to have been constructed by the landscape itself. Once constructed to dig out and carve the moor, they now act as tourist sites for visitors to gaze at. Dartmoor is still largely a place of non-development, little modern architecture, with barely any planning permissions granted. It’s a place of anti-progress, but what this allows is protection of the landscape and the space in which these structures can be admired in. Industries only last so long on Dartmoor, it has been commercialised but not for an extended period, concrete and brick which once interrupted the skyline of Dartmoor are becoming no more.

The project was recognised at the International Photography Awards Winner 2020 in the Professional Architecture Category with an Honourable Mention.

On The Land An Oak Will Grow
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